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Our Philosophy

Founded to provide Conductive Education and Early Intervention to children with motor disorders

Our Philosophy

Conductive Education Waikato Trust is a unique Early Childhood Centre that provides Conductive Education and Early Intervention to children with motor disorders (up to six years of age). Licensed as a Charitable Trust, this partnership of Conductive Education and Early Childhood delivers an educational programme based on the principles of both Conductive Education and Te Whaariki.

Our team is comprised of qualified Conductors, Early Childhood Teachers and Early Intervention Teacher, assisted by trained support staff. We deliver unit-based programmes and provide support services for the inclusion of the children in community early childhood centres, alongside support services for their families. The staff are child-focused and responsive to the aspirations of a child’s family or whanau.

Conductors plan a comprehensive programme with the assistance of other staff members, focussing on coordinating physical, cognitive and emotional factors of learning. The programme incorporates all daily living activities and addresses the needs of the child towards independence. Our programmes are structured to challenge children with motor disorders and other associated disabilities. Delivery of the Conductive Education programme is usually within a group.

Family involvement is vital in the setting of goals for their child’s learning, as well as any other parties who are involved in the child’s immediate health and wellbeing. Education for the child’s carer is essential to enhance their understanding of the child’s condition and their needs and to ensure a high quality of life in the community. This is facilitated through the inclusion of a parent/caregiver in the class setting during the early stages of the child’s attendance and through continued consultation.

Staff offer specialist advice to professionals and work in collaboration with them and the family/whanau towards achieving the highest level of learning and development for the child.

Through sound financial and management practices, the trust is committed to helping our staff to meet the needs of our children and their families/whanau. Our team are encouraged to meet their professional and personal goals through support with training, resources, and time.

Who Can Benefit?

Conductive Education can be successfully applied to help children with syndromes/symptoms including varying forms of Infantile Cerebral Palsy (ICP), Spina Bifida, Perceptual disorders, Muscular Hypotonia syndrome, conditions following encephalitis and meningitis, after effects of head injuries, and acquired brain disorders following drowning, stroke, or tumours.

Our program can be beneficial to children recovering from an acute, long-term illness that has affected neurological and motor skill development that has been assessed as requiring intervention by a multidisciplinary team, and is not covered under another service.

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