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About the Conductive Education Centre

Our mission is to work with families to empower children with motor disorders to achieve

Our Centre

Conductive Education was established in Hamilton 25 years ago by a group of parents dedicated to providing a holistic programme that worked with the child and family as a whole rather than successive professionals in a fragmented manner. Investigation of the Conductive Education programme offered in Hungary led these parents to believe that this educational approach would best meet the needs of their children.
The Conductive Education Waikato Trust was formed and registered in July 1991.

On the 4th November 1991, the first Waikato Unit for Conductive Education was set up in a classroom on Silverdale Normal School grounds. Continued commitment to providing this programme at an affordable cost meant many hours of fundraising by families, friends and staff. Large community events resulted in sufficient funds to build our current unit on Woodstock School grounds, officially opening in January 1994.

Conductive Education Waikato Trust is governed by Trustees as a Charitable Trust and is registered with the Charities Commission. The Trust is supported by the families of children who access or who have accessed our service and believe in the positive benefits of this unique programme.

Conductive Education Waikato Trust is contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide a non-medical, multidisciplinary Child Development Service to promote and facilitate the child’s developmental pathway towards meeting their maximum potential.

Our Centre is licensed and chartered as an Early Childhood Centre (ECE). The Ministry of Education issues the license, and the Centre must operate under the licensing requirement of the Education (Early Childhood Centre’s) Regulations 2008. This license sets the standards and requirements for staffing, programmes, buildings and management.

We are required to have a Charter, which is written in consultation with parents/whanau and staff. A copy of the Charter is kept in the foyer at our Centre and is available for parents to refer to and contribute to as a living document. The Education Review Office (ERO) review our Centre triennially and a copy of the latest review is available in the foyer or online at (last review September 2013).

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has accredited the Trust as an independent provider of Early Intervention (EI) Services, specifically to provide specialist teaching for children, advice, and support to families, whanau and early childhood educators and paraprofessional support within other community Early Childhood Education Centres.

We follow the Specialist Service Standards Pathway for this intervention provision. Review of our provision against the Specialist Service Standards is undertaken triennially, last completed in 2015 with all requirements met.

Model of Practice

Today, New Zealand is a very diverse community. In our service, we meet children with varied needs, from mild to moderate fine or gross motor dysfunction, through to more complex needs involving all aspects of development (physical, cognitive, feeding, communication, vision, hearing). We treat each child as an individual with individual needs. It is important to enable a child’s development so they can explore the world around them and discover their place in the world.

While Conductive Education underpins our philosophy, we acknowledge the abundance of research and development supporting health and education practice. We’ve responded by supporting our staff to advance their professional practice to facilitate additional supports.

Our team consists of qualified Conductors, Early Childhood Teachers, Early Intervention Teachers and Speech and Language Therapists, assisted by trained support staff. We deliver unit-based programmes and provide support services for children in community Early Childhood Centres, as well as support services for the family. Our experience staff are child-focused and responsive to the aspirations of a child’s family or whanau.

Family involvement is vital in the setting and implementation of goals for a child’s learning. Education for the child’s carer is essential to enhance their understanding of the child’s condition and needs and the options available to support future learning and quality of life in the community. This education is facilitated through the inclusion of a parent/caregiver in the programme during the early stages of the child’s attendance and continued consultation.

Our staff work in consultation and collaboration with other professionals involved in the health and educational well-being of each child, recognising the breadth of knowledge and resources within the wider community that may contribute to a child’s development. The Child Development Centre continue support for equipment provision and housing modifications, working as part of our multidisciplinary team around the child. Seating to Go provides assessment and application for wheelchairs, and BLENNZ and Visual Resource Center support our service and children who have significant visual impairment.

Our centre based, holistic approach is reviewed continuously to accommodate the needs of the children accessing our service and to provide additional programmes that we may offer during the year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work together with families/whanau to empower children with motor disorders to achieve as much as they can. Conductive Education Waikato Trust provides an inclusive environment where relationships, integrity, and quality of service are paramount.

Our Vision

‘Our vision is to see all children with motor disorders maximise their potential to conduct their independent, life long learning’.

Our Values

Conductive Education Waikato Trust recognises that our actions will be driven by the following values as identified by staff and management:


Relationships, Participation, and Community

  • At the heart of our service lies the trusting relationships that we form with the family, the child and with the team of professionals from our wider community.
  • We acknowledge the importance of families coming together, sharing experiences, and supporting each other.
  • We recognise that there are many members of a team working together, each offering different knowledge, skills and support, each as important as the other.


An educational approach

  • Conductive Education is a non-medical educational approach to allow children with motor disorders to learn and grow.


Helping children toward independence.

  • We believe that each child has the right to make a choice, and we provide them opportunities to do so.
  • We believe that the child’s image of themselves as an individual and as a valuable member of the community is important.
  • We believe that it is important for children to explore the world around them and find their place in the world.
  • We believe that in motivating children to co-ordinate movements they can achieve greater independence.

Quality of Service

Individualised programmes

  • We believe that we deliver a service that meets Health & Educational criteria, abides by our Code of Ethics, and most importantly, is specific to each of our children’s individual needs.