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The school’s parent portal is the online website that allows parents access to the school’s files. There you will be able to see the information and reports we hold for your child.

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Our Staff

The CE Waikato Trust is staffed by a specialist team to ensure quality Early Childhood education

Our Team

Our Centre is staffed by a multidisciplinary team. Qualified Conductive Practitioners (specialist teachers of motor disordered children), Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Paediatric Physiotherapist, Speech & Language Therapist, Counsellor, Early Intervention Teacher, Early Childhood Educators and supporting staff.

We provide individualised therapy, Group learning environments and community liaison. Each child and family have a Key Worker, supported by our multi-disciplinary team, who work collaboratively to identify the needs of the child and family to collate an individual learning plan.


Melinda Ladonyi

My name is Melinda and I am a qualified Hungarian Conductor. I completed my studies in the International Peto Institute, Hungary. I have been working at Conductive Education in Hamilton since March 2013. Previously I worked in Norway and in the UK, with babies and children with CP and other motor disabilities. I specialise in hydrotherapy (swimming) and the benefit for children with special needs. I have completed my AustSwim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety to support provision of hydrotherapy sessions.

I think with Conductive Education and carefully planned play situations, children with special needs can reach their full potential while playing and having fun.

Jo B 2018

Jo Brennan

Jo Brennan grew up in a large family and has always loved playing with children and watching them develop while having fun. She gained her Diploma in Early Childhood and worked at Campus Creche in Hamilton and after ten years she opened her own Centre – Tots Love Country on the edge of town. Another ten years later she and her husband and four children moved to a drystock farm in Tauwhare, where she continued relieving at several Centre’s including Conductive Education. She liked the children, their families and staff so much she gained her Diploma in Early Intervention so she could stay, and has now been here for nearly eight years.

Jo is currently attending the Incredible Years Teacher Management Training.

Davina Fernandes

I am a paediatric physiotherapist. I completed my  M.Sc. in Gait Analysis in the UK, and I  worked in the UK at the Gait Laboratory with children having walking difficulties; spastic diaplegic gait, hemiperetic gait and toe walkers.

I am Therasuit and intensive paediatric physical therapy trained. I have worked in Bahrain for three and a half years. I enjoy working with children and have worked with children with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorders, autism and genetic syndromes.

I believe in play-based therapy to develop functional skills in children, sensory fun play with textures, motor learning with repetitive activities, and challenging balance training activities.

Overall, I believe in helping the child to develop to functional tasks and perform their activities of daily living as independently as they can.


Kamini Naidoo

Kamini is a Speech and Language Therapist and Director of Cornerstone Therapy. Kamini is contracted by our Trust to provide Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) to children attending our centre. Kamini has extensive knowledge and practical experience to enable assessment of children’s needs, encompassing feeding, speech and communication support.


I  qualified as an Occupational Therapist in Dunedin 15 years ago.

I have recently joined the team at Conductive Education after moving from Taranaki 5 months ago.

Paediatrics has always been my interest and is the reason for my decision to train as Occupational Therapist. I have always worked with children here in New Zealand with a brief stint overseas in Ireland.

I worked at Matai Special School and Special Education in Nelson before moving to New Plymouth where I spent the last nine years at the Child and Adolescent Centre attached to the Hospital.

I have a special interest in Autism and was part of the team that helped develop and run the diagnostic clinic in New Plymouth. I enjoy working in a multi disciplinary team which is dedicated to the families and children it serves.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.36.08 PM

Natasha Griffiths

My name is Natasha Griffiths I have been married to my husband Grant for 12 years, I have a daughter Brianna who is ten and a son Boston who is nine.  I started relieving at Conductive Education Preschool after I finished my three year Early Childhood Education degree in 2014. I have also spent time relieving as an ECE teacher with the Kindergarten Association working in different centres around Hamilton.

I have always been passionate about wanting to work with young children but it wasn’t until my own children started kindergarten that I started to look at starting my degree.  I believe strongly in giving all children the opportunity to develop to their full potential regardless of ability. I really enjoy working here at Conductive Education, every day is different with the children and I love the programme with small groups and one to one teacher ratio. Some days can be challenging but I find it very rewarding when I see children development progressing, I also love the interaction I have with the families, it  is so lovely to meet and chat with families of the children I spend my time with.


Sharon Harris – Centre Manager

As the Centre Manager employed by the Trust, it is my privilege to support the work of this talented team of professionals, and to share a small part of the lives of our beautiful children and their hard working, dedicated parents.

I enjoy my busy and diverse role as we work to meet the daily needs of our children and families, whilst also meeting the criteria of funders. Funding is an ongoing struggle for our small service, and in order for us to both maintain our quality of support and take on new knowledge to develop our service, we need the additional support of our community.

I believe that Conductive Education Waikato Trust provides a truly unique service.


My name is Nikolett and I am a qualified Conductor. I graduated at the Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education and Conductor Training College in Budapest, Hungary. I have experience working with children and adolescents with cerebral palsy, brain injury, spina bifida and other motor disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disorders and behavioral disorders, from ages 3 and up. Previously I have worked in the United States, UK, Hungary, Italy and I am very excited to start working at Conductive Education in Hamilton.

I believe that the children are capable of so much and our responsibility is to help them along the way of their progress every day to reach their full potential. I consider the holistic approach to rehabilitation and habilitation essential and hold this work as my life’s calling.

Our Support Team

Our supporting staff play a vital role for children attending our centre. They work as a team to support the Conductors as they implement the goals of each child, working with a holistic approach to meet children’s individual needs within the structure of the class programme.

Some support staff also accompany individual children to community Kindergartens/Early Childhood Education Centre’s as Education Support Workers (ESWs). This both extends and implements the Conductive Education goals in other educational environments, whilst enabling the children to develop socially with their peers.

Care Services

This service was set up to provide support, counselling and advocacy to families of children up to 16 years of age who have a disability. Previously registered Charitable Trust, it has been incorporated under the Conductive Education Waikato Trust services. This is a free service and anyone can refer. C.A.R.E Services has an office adjacent to Conductive Education Early Intervention Centre.

“We promote inclusion, participation and independence within the community”.

Maree Masters

Dip. Counselling (Provisional Member), Registered with NZAC
P: 07 8548984 or 021 024 86865

Community Teams

Child Development Centre

Children accessing our service have the added support of therapists at the Child Development Centre for assessment and application for equipment.

Seating to Go

Seating to Go provides assessment, application for funding and ongoing adjustment for Wheelchair provision.