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The school’s parent portal is the online website that allows parents access to the school’s files. There you will be able to see the information and reports we hold for your child.

If we already have your email address, you should have been emailed your username and passwords.

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Parents Voice

Remember, you are your child's best advocate

Parents Voice

“We found out about Conductive Education from another mother. When I first made contact with Conductive Education, I found them very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable in both medical conditions and overcoming developmental difficulties.”

“I found out about Conductive Education from a friend with a teaching background. I then looked them up on the web and the information there led me to ring and book an assessment.”

“Conductive Education always listened to what we would like our child to achieve and understood where our priorities lay. Goals set were realistic and were easily incorporated into everyday life. I think if things weren’t as simple, major changes to behaviours or exercises that were too time consuming may have gone in the too hard basket, as things with a special needs child are already more stressful and time-consuming.”

“Every session has a purpose that can be tweaked slightly to take into account different abilities and goals within the class. You can see by referring to your child’s IP how a fun activity has a bigger purpose – improving fine motor skills, coordination, pencil grip, while giving a tactile experience at the same time.”

“Conductive Education helps incorporate learning and active functioning.”

“The team were warm and welcoming, and when I no longer stayed with my son during the sessions they were great at keeping me up to date with what he was learning and what physical exercises I could be doing at home to help extend him.”

“Conductive Education has always welcomed me, my extended family, and friends into what has become our home away from home.”

“The Speech & Language Therapist is great at relating to children and engaging them in activity to practice needed skills. As a parent, the Speech & Language Therapist has been invaluable in providing exercises and hints to help.”

“ I loved the way they would use the interests that he had to help him achieve the goals that were set for him.”

“He’s been empowered and knows he can try anything – and succeeds in achieving much that he attempts to do. Through the Conductive Education teaching method, he approaches life with determination and knows there is always an alternative solution to any problem.”

“We feel extremely grateful for all of the help and support they provided to our son and our family and we only wish we had known bout them right from the start of our journey.”

Who Can Benefit?

Conductive Education can be successfully applied to help children with syndromes/symptoms including varying forms of Infantile Cerebral Palsy (ICP), Spina Bifida, Perceptual disorders, Muscular Hypotonia syndrome, Conditions following encephalitis and meningitis, after effects of head injuries, and acquired brain disorders following drowning, stroke, or tumours.

Our programme can be beneficial to children recovering from an acute, long-term illness that has affected neurological and motor skill development, assessed as requiring intervention by a multidisciplinary team and not covered under another service.

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