O U R   S E R V I C E S

We promote independence, interaction, social competence and friendship.

Our service was formed nearly 30 years ago around the programme of Conductive Education to support children whose primary diagnosis related to a physical disability. We continue to provide Conductive Education as part of our service, but we now support a broader range of disability and developmental needs.

What is Conductive Education?

Research indicates in the first five years, the brain develops faster than any other time in life, supporting learning and development at a higher rate.

Development is how your child grows physically, cognitively and emotionally; how they learn to communicate, to think (reason) and socialize.

When an event impacts development before, during or after birth, children risk missing important opportunities that support their developmental milestones. Conductive Education’s range of services can help to bridge that gap.

Child Development Service

From the time we are born, until the last time we close our eyes, life is all about learning. The philosophy underpinning Conductive Education, is that every child has the ability to ‘learn’. Taking this a step further and understanding that each child learns based on their view of the world and their ability to engage in the world around them, we believe that a child should be provided with every opportunity to learn.

Through Conductive Education and a range of additional therapy and specialist input, infants and children are provided with support to experience and practice the next step in their learning journey. Parents are provided with knowledge about development within the learning journey and how to support their child across all environments.

Our Practitioners use a range of Assessments to identify the correct intervention, which is then documented to form an individual plan for learning and support. Additional supports including Speech & Language Therapy, resources and equipment are provided as needs indicate, as well as referral for access to additional community or medical services.

We provide individual Child Development therapy sessions for you and your child (1:1) based on your ability to access our centre and the child’s needs. We provide in home visits for equipment and support.

Every child is unique; every family is central to all interactions; every intervention is planned specific to the needs, culture and aims of the individual child and family.

Early Intervention Specialist Service

Children who are diagnosed with a condition may be eligible for support under our Early Intervention Specialist Services.

For children indicating higher needs, additional paraprofessional support may be agreed as a support for the child or the Early Childhood Centre. This brings an additional person, an Education Support Worker (ESW) into the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centre for a scheduled time to assist the child to engage with others and access the learning environment.

Parents are provided with additional information regarding community services and supports, and if not currently accessing the Child Development Centre, are referred for diagnostic services if the concern indicates.

Our Early Intervention Specialist Service also supports Transition to School, with support in looking at schooling options and applications completed when ongoing needs indicate eligibility.

Additionally, children who have not been diagnosed but appear challenged in one or more area, may also be eligible for support though our service. If you are a parent, whaanau or Early Childhood Teacher, and you have concerns regarding a child’s development, contact us to learn how our service can help.

Our Early Intervention Specialist Services support day to day actions and engagement, supporting the child to participate in daily routines and Early Childhood Education, providing a range of therapy for the child, providing coaching and resources for the parent / whaanau, providing coaching and resources for the Early Childhood Centre.

Early Childhood Education

When a child’s development is interrupted, particularly when their ability to explore is impacted, children’s sense of the world around them can be reduced.

Our group based programme is structured and aims to bring extended learning experiences to the child through Individualised Education Plans, well-planned curriculum and an abundance of resources.

Our infant and parent classes provide additional opportunities to learn together as well as the chance to share knowledge and interests other parents. Our pre-school classes extend and encourage a child’s ability to be independent, socialise and enjoy play with peers.

We focus on language and communication development alongside activities supporting early literacy and numeracy. Additional activities including music, yoga, and sensory stories are provided to run in conjunction with the daily schedule.

We’re Here To Support Your Family

Conductive Education Waikato offers a family-focused early intervention service for infants and children with developmental delays.

Group Sessions Include:

We Also Offer

  • Occupational Therapy including speciialist sensory assessments

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Assistive Technology for Communication

  • Resources and Equipment

  • Supported Transition to School

    • ORS / School High Health / Communication / Physical Disability Applications
  • Referrals to, and information regarding funding and community services

  • Individual Sessions

  • Physiotherapy

  • Speech & Language Therapy

  • Individual Learning Plans

  • Transition and support to community Early Childhood Education

    • Education Support Worker for children with high needs
    • Early Childhood Centre visits
  • Family Support and Advocacy