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The school’s parent portal is the online website that allows parents access to the school’s files. There you will be able to see the information and reports we hold for your child.

If we already have your email address, you should have been emailed your username and passwords.

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Welcome to Conductive Education in Hamilton

Our Conductive Education Early Intervention Centre offers a unique, intensive method of education. We motivate young children to be actively involved as they learn functional, daily-living skills to create the building blocks for richer, interactive, and more independent lives.

Conductive Education is often described as rehabilitation through learning. We work together to re-wire new connections in the brain through active learning.

We promote independence, interaction, and friendship.


Our Service

When you come to Conductive Education, our place becomes your place.

As with every aspect of raising your child, your full commitment and involvement in early intervention is vital to support your child’s learning and development.

We welcome all enquiries about our service.
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The Earlier the Better

There are many natural or irregular occurrences before, during, or after birth that can impact on a child’s development. Often, families are unaware of these possibilities or the support options available until they’re personally involved. We recognise the importance of early support, which is why we offer an Early Arrivals programme as part of our service.

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Why Early


Because the first 5 years builds a lifetime

Research has shown that the time between birth and 36 months – the golden years – is a critical developmental period in a child’s life. The neural circuits in the brain, which create the foundation for learning, behaviour, and health, are most flexible or ‘plastic’ during these first three years of life. This window of opportunity will not be available later in life.

Children born with any developmental delay are at risk of falling behind in achieving their natural developmental milestones, and later, in reaching their educational potential. Addressing children’s needs early means they have a greater chance of reaching their full potential. Early intervention services allow children to receive professional support, as well as prompt access to other services and funding their family may need while respecting the diversity of family and community.

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